Automotive Services

With the facilities to repair or replace faulty locks, duplicate or cut keys and replace or clone remote controls for vehicles. These services are available for some makes and models of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats Planes and Helicopters.

We can clone transponder keys for certain late model vehicles and replace them faster than your car dealer. We also specialise in getting into locked cars and can open most makes of locked vehicles.

Repair & Replace All Ignitions

If you own a Holden commodore, you will almost certainly will need my services here! I usually carry spare ignitions in stock for most models

Repair & Replace All Auto Locks

Nothing worse than having your keys stolen, and your nice car is out in the driveway, and you are just waiting for them to take that too. Get your car rekeyed to save the nightmare!

Transponder Chip Keys

I, like many locksmiths hate these things with a passion! however, car makers insist on changing the way they do these, and when it comes to the crunch it costs you big time! The keys/fobs that around now days are expensive, but always have a spare, because now if you loose your only one, it can render you vehicle useless for ages whilst the computer is reprogrammed etc. most times needs a tow truck as well. Don't leave it to chance, get a spare, and dont forget if its not a car with a dealer in Mansfield it could be a disaster!

Repair & Replace Lost/Stolen Keys

I can do this! most times, with some mucking around and retrieval of codes, I can get you back to normal, well your keys anyway!!

Emergency Trunk Opening

well unless you're an elephant, this wont apply, however if your keys are locked in your boot, I can help

Key Extraction

Did you crack a wobbly when you lifted your roller door with the keys still in it?? Well, call me and i'll come around and pick that little sucker right out again!!! oh and then make you a new one to break next time!!