Residential Services

I will give you the right advice for your home whether you want to rekey your locks, add some extra security with Patio Bolts or Window Locks, or add or replace a Deadlock with a new one.

I also repair or replace Garage Door Locks, Screen Door Locks, adjust lock strikes for correct latching and can upgrade your letterbox lock to something more secure.

I use high quality products that comply with Insurance, Fire and Strata regulations as required. All our supplied locks come with manufacturers warranties and we offer 12 months warranty on all new lock installations.

House Lockout

No matter who you are, I bet at some stage this will happen to you, after all you are reading about it now!! I can definitely help you with this!

Garage Locks and remotes

Most new houses have them, remotes, some you have to pry off your partner for the TV, others like the garage doors, you may never find again. I am able to help with supply and reprogramming of lost and stolen remotes and keys

Locks Change/Repair

Its pretty obvious with this one, want it changed or repaired, call me, Neil, as that's my name! 

Rekey/ Master key

sick of being a goal warden carring around a bunch of keys? let me advise you on what can be done to eliminate keys so you have 1 key to access all your needs

Duplicate Keys

So often i get asked "do you cut keys?"  the answer of course is YES!! WE CUT KEYS!!

Non-Destructive Entry

Call it what you like, at the end of the day, picking a lock is an art form in itself!!  sometimes it can take seconds, sometimes minutes, either way i havent found anywhere which i havent been able to get in to!

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

I'm so happy to be able to advise you on your needs for electronic and mechanical keypads, and what the pro's and Con's are of each type for your specific application!

Neil The Lock Doctoris pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

If you are really paranoid about entry into your property, let me help with that. most times simple steps can be made to protect you and your family or property.

Screen & Garage Door Locks

I stock these! most times if its broken, it is cheaper for me to replace it than try and repair.